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1. Camper information
Full Name
Date of Birth (eg: 2000-12-31)
Gender Boy   Girl
Current School
Grade in Fall '18
Are you a New Camper   Returning Camper
T-shirt size Youth: S   M   L
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2. Choose your group, session and activities
Which session would you prefer?
Session 1 – June 11 - 16 (rising 3rd-6th graders)
Session 2 – June 18 - 23 (rising 3rd-6th graders)
Session 3 – June 25 - 30 (rising 7th-10th graders)
Session 4 – July 9 - 14 (rising 3rd-6th graders)
Session 5 – July 16 - 21 (rising 3rd-6th graders)
Session 6 – July 23 - 28 (rising 7th-10th graders)
Cost for each session is $525.
Rank your top 7 choices, "1" being your most preferred. Spaces in each are limited. You will be assigned to your top two activities depending on availability. A camper will not be given the same activity twice and will only be given one water-related activity.
Activity Sampler
Bouldering Gym
Dance (girls only)
Frisbee Sports
Kayaking & Paddleboards
Pavilion Sports
Swim & Watermats
Sand Volleyball
Water Ski (If assigned to this, an additional $25 will be added to your invoice.)
3. Family information
Camper lives with Both Parents   Father   Mother
  Other, please specify:
Primary Parent Information
Full Name
Relationship (eg: Mother, Father, Uncle)
Address 1
Address 2
Cell Phone or Pager
Church / Religion
Secondary Parent Information
Full Name
Relationship (eg: Mother, Father, Uncle)
Address 1
Address 2
Cell Phone or Pager
Is anyone prohibited from picking up your camper?
4. Cabin request (optional)
Cabins are assigned according to age, gender, and mutual request. You may list ONE buddy request. Please do not form a chain request.
Buddy Request
(max 30 characters, one name only please)
5. Other camper information
This valuable information can assist our staff in allowing your child to make a smooth, happy adjustment to camp. Our commitment is to never misuse such information or release it to unauthorized persons. Please answer the following questions thoroughly.
Do any of the following apply to your camper?
Homesickness   Bedwetting   Sleep-walking   Behavioral Concerns
Does your child have a chronic condition or illness? If yes, explain...
Does your child have diabetes? Yes No
Does your child carry an EpiPen? Yes No
Does your child have asthma? If yes, explain...
Do you have any other concerns (family, physical or activity limitations) that you would like us or your child's counselor to be aware of:
6. Payment information
$100 deposit is required for registration.
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